Massimo Arcella, owner and founder of “Massi Gelati”, is driven by his passion for capturing one of the most popular and refined desserts in all of italy: IL Tartufo di Pizzo Calabro. Now, genuinely known as, Massi Gelati.

Massi Gelati
started his business in May 2008, but his technique in assembling the unique taste of this authentic gelato stems from a long lasting family tradition native to his home city of Calabria, Italy.

Massi Gelati
has a rare approach for creating his dessert because he has a one of a kind pasteurizing process. Additionally, he has brought the pasteurizing machinery from italy, which enables the secret recipes to be added and desserts to be authentically produced. The end result has been coined as unmatched!

Massi Gelati’s
dessert concept has for generations brought dining elitist a variety of unforgettable tastes and hopes to continue to do so for generations to come.